Trust in us

As a manufacturer your trust in us is our largest driving force to provide not just a product but a high quality product. With this in mind every step in the life cycle of each and every e-liquid we produce is closely monitored; this includes in house testing, regular spot checks and constant improvements in our processes.


Since the launch of the EUs TPD in 2016 any nicotine containing e-liquid is legally required to have full traceability; Bowmans not only has full traceability for TPD and the UKs TRPR Compliant E-liquids but all of the products that we produce.

Each product has a batch number generated by custom built software that allows us to trace every aspect of the finished product from the manufacturer’s batch of nicotine to the day and person that produced it. Along with us retaining samples of every batch that we produce this gives us the confidence to say each bottle that we produce is has the same quality as the last.


Quality Ingredients

Due to the TPD many compounds in flavourings have been banned from nicotine containing e-liquids as a way of reducing risks to health, as a manufacture it is our responsibility to ensure that all of our products meet the same standards so we won’t use any flavourings that could not be used in a TPD compliant product.

We also dilute our own nicotine down from the raw ingredients, using an automatic titration machine we test every batch of nicotine we create before it is used in any recipe, this means we have full control over our e-liquids from start to finish.

Check Twice Do Once

Check Twice, Do Once is a motto we work by every day, we take those extra steps in house to make sure the product you receive is correct every time.